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Turn the spotlight on daylight.

Innovative, creative.

Discover the skylight that will give you the perfect amount of daylight, exactly where you want it. Flatglass combines a series of technical masterpieces, like our patented roof profile system, with a lot of creativity. The result? A flat and visually clean-lined skylight, completely in accordance with the 21st century construction requirements. And that isn’t everything. Did you know that Flatglass is completely assembled in our own workshop, situated in Belgium? Quality guaranteed!

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Flatglass: top performance on every level

Flatglass is a dream for every conservatory or room with a flat roof begging for light. Thanks to its innovative characteristics, this skylight can be a perfect fit in every newly built or renovated home.

  • 100% flat
  • Super clean finish
  • XL
  • Very insulating
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